2-for-20 is more like 4 every couple of days


The idea of 2-for-20 is that anyone can nail out two tasks a day to help organize and improve their lives. So far, I am day 7 of the adventure and things are up and down. The kids had a PD day one day and I was under-the-weather for another, which has meant I have had to double up.

6. Planted an herb garden both inside and outside: Mr. Tucker and I are no green thumbs by any stretch of the imagination but we do like fresh herbs. It’s one of those things that is do-able for any person even with space limitations. We took some of our food budget and bought herbs & a small florescent light for the kitchen. The kids and I planted some herbs outside in a corner of our (overgrown) garden.

7. Put away the winter gear: I know, I know some people do this the first sniff of spring in the air. However, I have learned my lesson from the past when winter came back with a vengeance after many days of spring. June seems safe!

8. Organize summer gear: In order to keep on top of things during the summer, it’s important that our front hall is well-stocked with things we will need to spend a day in the sun: sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, bike lock etc. Knowing where everything is makes throwing things together easier.

9. Unclog bathroom sink: This sink is the bane of my existence as it’s constantly clogging. To be fair, I didn’t take care of this one: my father unclogged it for me after being frustrated when he was over last.

10. Organized sheet music into a binder: We had so many pages of sheet music disorganized and being stuffed into our music bag and it was unmanageable. So enter a dollar store binder and a hole-punch. Hopefully we can continue to keep it organized.

11. Get into the habit of making bread: This is one of the first things that falls out of habit when I am working. Aside from the fact it’s super easy to do if you make a no-kneed recipe, it saves big cash. We also have a breadmaker (gift) that pumps out wonderful loaves of bread with very little work (and still much cheaper than store bought, given the electricity use). I have two batches of no-knead not kneading anything right now (see what I did there? Ok, ok, I’ll stop).

12. Clean front hall. We have a small bookcase that separates our living room from our front hall. Most of the shelves are filled with books but there are also cubbies for storage. I emptied all the buckets, got rid of the ones that were falling apart and then organized the dog box, the two seasonal (now winter gear!) boxes & went through the box of re-usable bags and sorted them. By organizing I freed up two cubbies where I then put a box of shoes for each kid because…

13. Sift through kid shoes: For some reason I can never comprehend, the kids have a plethora of shoes. Considering they mostly live in Crocs, this is a bit disconcerting. I piled all the shoes up, sorted them, organized them into personal bins and got rid of all the shoes that didn’t fit, which will be donated.

14. Clean up the fireplace: In the winter we use our fireplace a LOT. While this means we will have to get our chimney swept regularly it also means a lot of ash and dust collects in the fireplace itself. I cleared this out to prepare for next winter.

15. Only use cheap electricity: I know this is a weird ongoing one (some of these are) but I have been hyper-diligent of only using the electricity when it’s the cheapest. While it’s not always 100% possible we’ve already seen a $16 reduction in our bill – and I’ve been doing it for less than a month! I’d like to see how far down I can get the bill over the summer.

New chairs that don't break under your butt!

16. Find new dining room chairs: We have the 1900-esque chairs my grandparents bought and sadly they are reading the end of the road. One has already snapped from underneath Mr. Tucker who found himself poured unceremoniously on the floor one dinner. In the end, I found decent chairs for $5 each on Kijiji. They have a fabric seat, look decent and will probably outlast the damage our kids can do.

We are getting into the more complicated 2-for-20 stuff over the next couple of weeks, which is making me a bit apprehensive! Some pretty huge things have to happen, including getting quotes for a new furnace installation.