One of the things I found overwhelming was just how much had to be done around the house after the winter. With two full-time jobs, two kids and a plethora of extra-curriculars for all of us, so many organizational tasks just got away from us. Since I am home for the next 20 (now 19 days!) without the kids, I wanted to make sure I tackled as much on the list as possible without feeling overwhelmed and throwing in the towel. Enter 2-for-20.

I decided that I could easily manage two things a day for that twenty day period, if I paired difficult tasks with easier tasks. That way I would have a task that I could finish quickly and feel good about before tackling the larger, more daunting task. Some of the ones I chose were super easy – such as finally folding and putting away three weeks of laundry – but some were more difficult, such as cleaning the front yard.

The idea behind forcing myself onto this is schedule is to break down the daunting list of all that needs to be done around the house into easier to manage pieces. When the kids are out of school I won’t be able to spend as much time on the backlog so managing now will ensure we can have a relaxed, fun summer. I won’t have to worry about all that needs to get done which is wasteful mental energy.

Here is what I have done this week:

May 25: kickstart blog posting & fold/put away 3 weeks of laundry
May 26: volunteer at the school & do summer/fall budget
May 27: wash all linens and hang on the line & clean out medicine cabinet

Not bad so far, here are some other things I need to do:

Clean the buffet
Clean out my closet, donate clothes
Clean out the kid’s closets, donate clothes
Put away winter gear
Organize front cupboard

I will have a full calendar done on Friday but until then, I will chip away at the things I can over the next couple of days.