Holistic organization

I suppose I have been discussing organization here a lot lately. Since I have transitioned over the past month or so to being at home, a lot of that (non-job-hunt) time has been spent either sorting through all… Read More

Many bags: the lazy organization dream

I’ve spent the past couple of days in Excel to help me plot all the amazing things available to sign up for this summer. I needed a calendar system so that things didn’t overlap. After a few days… Read More

How to have a fun, low-cost, low-key summer

On facebook recently I came across this great tongue-in-cheek article: 10 ways to give your kids an honest-to-goodness 70s summer. I laughed at how similar it was to my own childhood but it also reminded me of a… Read More

In which we explore the harrowing world of HVAC and finance

Earlier this spring our old, crumbling heating system decided to die a slow death. Slow because it still works and we’ve been using the AC but it means we do have to replace it. To be honest, I… Read More

2-for-20 is more like 4 every couple of days

The idea of 2-for-20 is that anyone can nail out two tasks a day to help organize and improve their lives. So far, I am day 7 of the adventure and things are up and down. The kids… Read More

Summertime, and the living is easy

For many years we used to spend two weeks in the summer heading to Maine. We had a great, inexpensive place mere blocks from the beach and we loved the fresh sea air & the time away. The… Read More

You can can!

Being urban/suburbanites on a shady lot means we don’t do much gardening. If you have lots of space and light to grow things on your property, then canning is probably a worthwhile adventure for you. Still, Mr. Tucker… Read More

Not with a bang*

WELP. As of today the Tucker household is completely debt-free! Strangely, it feels a bit anti-climactic and I joked on FB that I should celebrate by tossing something on the credit card – for old times sake. If… Read More

I’ve been lazy but I have been given a reprise!

So 2-for-20 officially started June 1st because I miscalculated the end of the school year. For some strange reason I thought that the school year ended three days earlier than it does. As it turns out, I had… Read More