Celebrating adult birthdays

A mini greek salad on a spoon This year Mr. Tucker turns a ripe age of 43. While he has never been one for lots of gifts and fanfare, this year he has decided to turn his birthday… Read More

Let’s talk about Jesus camp

Despite being home in the summer every year I sign the kids up for two summer camps run in our community. They are inexpensive at $15 and $72 per kid, per week and the kids love it because… Read More

The importance of free play

After I posted my last blog post I came across this article Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School. It sums up my philosophy as well as the benefits of a lazy summer where you set the stage… Read More

Your kids don’t need novelty and neither do you

Hey look everyone, it’s the free in-ground pool! A couple of years ago a friend from primary school posted to facebook that she was off work for a week but didn’t know how to fill the time with… Read More

Save time and money with the Gift Repository

This morning we were leisurely having a coffee and reading books when the reality hit me. “OH GOD BEAN, YOU HAVE TO BE AT A BIRTHDAY PARTY IN AN HOUR!” I threw some cereal on the table and… Read More

In which I take up a wacky sport

Let me get the wayback machine and explain how I ended up standing on a beach at 6:45am on a beautiful June Saturday with 19 other women. 6:45am is not a civilized time, in fact, it’s not a… Read More

Canada Day

Rocking some fine tattoos Living in Ottawa growing up you get used the fanfare and the madness that happens every year on July 1st. The entire city is pretty much closed down as throngs of people litter the… Read More