Don’t choose to be one thing when you grow up

This TED talk resonated with me. Like Emilie, I like way too many things and have way too many interests to “follow my passion,” because I don’t just have *one* passion. To be honest, the cultural movement towards… Read More

Is ‘finding your passion’ bunk?

What ‘do what you love’ is terrible advice I will be adding this to my reading list. At the very least it looks like a worthwhile and interesting read.

Online part-time jobs

This morning Get Rich Slowly had a great article about places you can go online to earn extra cash. While I am still more of a fan of the bricks-and-mortor part-time job, these could potentially earn you some… Read More

Cheap junk is still expensive

The napkin pile was 100% necessary Earlier this summer we took the kids out for an ice cream as a special treat. I remember my own trips out for ice cream as a child and they are special… Read More

Back to life, back to reality

…and they’re off! It’s the start of a new school year or as a friend of mine likes to call it, “the real new year.” He’s right, I have always felt September was a month of new beginnings…. Read More

The great skivvy experiment of 2015

That’s right, undies from the internet At Mr. Tucker’s birthday dinner earlier this summer, I ended up having a conversation where I lamented the state of women’s underwear. That’s right kids, it’s like I have a giant sign… Read More