It’s a small world after all

We are counting down to our last family trip for awhile: a week at Disney World. Of course, because I love surprises, we aren’t telling the kids until Saturday morning at 6am. Our flight leaves at 9am. I… Read More

How not having to work for money helped me build a career at 40

As I have mentioned before, I ran a small business when my kids were quite small. By the time the Sprout was born though, it was too difficult to try and do that and run a business. I… Read More

Is fresh bread worth it?

The jury is out on the entire convenience appliance thing. I try and stay away from most “convenience” appliances (ask me my opinion on rice makers…go on…it’s definitely colourful) but you will pry my beloved bread maker from… Read More

Bookmark it – The Earth Awaits!

Sometimes I go down a financial blog rabbit hole (much like a wiki-spiral) and end up discovering the coolest new blogs to read. Firstly, lay financial bloggers are my favorite because I love reading about the myriad of… Read More

Sunday morning reads

I finally got around to reading a bunch of articles I had saved on my phone. Some are bigger reads than others, some are on the mark, some are off the mark. It’s just a compilation of money-or-life-related… Read More

Backyard Shenanigans or, How We Saved a Fortune on Landscape DIY

For people who do not enjoy landscaping, we have a ridiculous amount of outdoor space. Our front lawn is huge and our backyard is 30 ft by 50 ft. When our kids were smaller we actually used the… Read More

Three walls – documentary

The inventor of the cubicle – Robert Probst – ended up hating his creation in the end. As a Gen Xer, media railed against cubicle life when I was a teenager/in my 20s so now cubicles will get… Read More

They see me rollin’ they be hatin’

Some charitable elves from my book club felt sadness at my spilly mug Strangely, after having neurosurgery AND orthopedic surgery in the spring, just having orthopedic surgery seems like a treat! I ended up having a ridiculous whirlwind… Read More

Cancel the housecleaner (and get your kids to help)

Picture this…Sicily…1913…just kidding. I am channeling the spirit of Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls. Mr. Tucker and I have been binge watching old episodes for the past couple of weeks (read: I am making him watch them with… Read More

Life’s random setbacks

WELL, because 2016 is going to be the year that I suffer greatly and appreciate my support network mightily, here is some news: more surgery. Tuesday. So we meet again Last Monday in physio I hurt my foot… Read More

Buying your way to happiness or saving your way to freedom

The best thing about working downtown is all the action. There are museums, great greenspace to enjoy, it’s a great place to people watch, and it’s convenient to run errands during my lunch hour. Conversely, it’s one of… Read More