Back to life, back to reality


Life update: So five weeks into my convalescence and I can finally go back to work and on with my life. My regular doctor wasn’t there but the fellow was and she thinks I can start walking assisted with crutches and the walking cast. This is a huge jump for me and I am excited but also apprehensive.

What was interesting was the fellow saying, “You know this surgery is very rare.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well usually it doesn’t get to this point.”

It figures that my only superpower is screwing myself up really badly.

However, I will be back at work Monday morning, which means I won’t be burning through more leave. I am also looking forward to having a sense of normalcy to my life. When you are wheelchair-bound and stuck at home life can be pretty depressing. I’ve read a lot of books and done a lot of writing (and played way too much on social media) but the days bleed into one. With a swollen foot, there is a lot of lying down. It’s not as fun as if I was mobile and could work on a bunch of things or go a bunch of places.

Mr. Tucker and I have done two major things this month. The first one is that we have completely cut out alcohol. Anyone who knows us knows that no one enjoys a good libation more than we do but we found our productiveness has been low. I also really wanted to hyper-focus on healing, and let’s face it: alcohol is a toxin; a delicious toxin but a toxin nonetheless. So at the beginning of August we completely removed booze from our lives.

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To be quite honest, I don’t miss it. Frankly, I was a little worried that I would miss it a little too much but nope! I have friends who do a “Sober October” every year as a safety measure to see how difficult quitting booze is, then on Halloween they have a huge party with drinks. The litmus test is whether or not they miss it a little too much. Having never done a Sober October, I was wondering as well. Looks like alcohol can play a reduced part in my life and I won’t miss it. Who knew?

As it turns out, not having my evening glass of wine has made me a lot more productive, I sleep better, I wake up easier, and my bank account is a lot fatter. Alcohol is incredibly expensive – especially in Canada where there is no Two Buck Chuck to be found. Of course, I’ve funneled a lot of that coin into more tea but even a lot more tea is cheaper than a little alcohol. Mr. Tucker has just taken his love of seltzer to new heights.

The second major thing is that we have started working on a side project that I think may end up falling firmly into the category of “side hustle.” I mention this because last year I wrote that I don’t side hustle. It’s a bit of an art project but it could potentially make a bit of coin if we put our backs into it. We are playing it by ear to see if it’s something we will enjoy working on even when I am back at work but time will tell. We both aren’t willing to sacrifice family time for it but if we can get it done during the fringe hours it will be a fun adventure. Of course everything is on the down-low until we figure out the logistics but stay tuned!

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So this weekend will all be about getting organized. Mr. Tucker will still have to drive me to work on an adjusted schedule, which not only sucks but is also expensive. However, I am investigating alternative transportation and I hope that soon I can take the bus again. Work clothes need to be organized, food needs to be prepped to account for me being back at work, and the house needs to be tidied. Oh, and of course we’ll be working pretty hard on our new project.

So that is where we are at personally! My biggest “what if” is the ongoing healing process. I have months of physiotherapy ahead of me to get back as much movement and strength as possible but we continue to forge ahead. Our finances are on track, the kids are healthy and happy, and Mr. Tucker and I are busting our butts to make the best life that we can for all of us.

4 Comments on “Back to life, back to reality

  1. Good luck with the therapy! I’m just finishing up two months of therapy post shoulder surgery, and it can be a slog. But the gradual improvement is always encouraging :-)

  2. Wow! You and your family’s perseverance is absolutely amazing. I’ve paid close attention through all of this and you and Mr. Tucker are an amazing couple Tucker. You are smart and busy as a whip so I’m sure this has been the worst kind of torture for you. We really need to catch up soon! I love your heart and mind you are simply amazing.

    Leah xoxo

    • Haha my type A personality is killing me with having to rely on others all the time. Mr. Tucker is truly a superstar and the glue that’s held our family together. He’s shouldered all this extra work with no complaint. I am truly blessed to have him!. I would love to see you guys, too. Don’t forget how hard you two kicked ass at the beginning under difficult circumstances as well. You will always be heroes to me for how much you accomplished by working so hard.