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Sometimes I go down a financial blog rabbit hole (much like a wiki-spiral) and end up discovering the coolest new blogs to read.

Firstly, lay financial bloggers are my favorite because I love reading about the myriad of ways people go about challenging current conventions. You can see parts of yourself in them and usually you can gain some cool tips and tricks and different ways of looking at various problems. Secondly, they tend to tackle questions that are out of the mainstream, questions you probably had yourself.

So I was incredibly stoked when I came across The Earth Awaits, a tool researched and designed by Frugal Vagabond. For anyone who loves travel or has considered retiring abroad for part or all of their retirement, The Earth Awaits will give you an idea of how far your money will go in different geographical areas around the Globe. You can even eliminate continents that are of no interest to you.

You choose the parameters from the amount you can spend, the crime rate, pollution, the standard of living you want to have, and the website will spit out locations where your needs can be met. There are even advanced settings for people trying to drill down a little further.

I really recommend you play with this tool if you are a lover of travel, like we are. If you are looking for a retirement where you plan to stay in places a bit longer, this tool will allow you to plot out various scenarios that will let you see the world on your budget!

2 Comments on “Bookmark it – The Earth Awaits!

  1. You are the best, thank you so much for sharing TEA! It was very much a labor of love, and a matter of “scratching my own itch!” I wanted to be able to play with all of the variables myself, and I saw that nothing like it existed… and so, here we are!

    I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed it, and hope you will keep visiting in the coming weeks as I roll out new features. There’s sill so much functionality and information I want to add, but I felt that it had reached a point where it was ready to see the light of day!

    • No, thank you! I have always wondered what the costs would be around the world and I am so thrilled that you actually put in all that work. I am sharing it far and wide & will definitely follow your blog. A lot of friends on Facebook loved it, too. I look forward to new updates from both TFV and TEA!