Saturday morning reads

I am still working on yesterday’s post but to tide you over, here is a couple of articles to ponder as you drink your morning coffee. The hygge conspiracy: last year I wrote Getting Hygge With It but… Read More

Articles: reducing your online time & addressing stress

If you are looking for some interesting reads on stress reduction and reducing the time you spend on your phone and online, I suggest the following: The Binge Breaker: Tristan Harris believes Silicon Valley is addicting us to… Read More

Sunday morning reads

I finally got around to reading a bunch of articles I had saved on my phone. Some are bigger reads than others, some are on the mark, some are off the mark. It’s just a compilation of money-or-life-related… Read More

Some Sunday morning reads

The Great Affluence Fallacy How Feeding Children’s Ambition Only Sets Them Up to Fail – Our culture is rich with esteem-boosting platitudes for young dreamers, but the assurances are dishonest and dangerous Having no money is no excuse… Read More

Life advice from Hunter S. Thompson

Letters of Note has a wonderful letter that Hunter S. Thompson wrote to a friend when he was only 20-years-old. While full of good advice, a few quotes stand out: *In every man, heredity and environment have combined… Read More

Weekend reads

Unemployment is down. Gas prices are low. Why isn’t America shopping? Meanwhile, airline travel is at record levels and restaurant sales growth has been solid, suggesting that consumers are choosing to shell out for experiences instead of goods… Read More