Mama said there’d be days like this

I am sick. The kids are sick. The house is a mess and things are all over the place, disorganized. Work has been an absolute gong show and it seems like the list of tasks I have to… Read More

You are not crazy for hanging laundry & other electric tales

One of the things I wanted to get better at managing when I wasn’t working was paying attention to the peak electricity cycles. When I was home full time we were both really good at conserving energy but… Read More

2-for-20 is more like 4 every couple of days

The idea of 2-for-20 is that anyone can nail out two tasks a day to help organize and improve their lives. So far, I am day 7 of the adventure and things are up and down. The kids… Read More

I’ve been lazy but I have been given a reprise!

So 2-for-20 officially started June 1st because I miscalculated the end of the school year. For some strange reason I thought that the school year ended three days earlier than it does. As it turns out, I had… Read More


One of the things I found overwhelming was just how much had to be done around the house after the winter. With two full-time jobs, two kids and a plethora of extra-curriculars for all of us, so many… Read More

Two organizational tasks that keep me sane

Life is a constant attempt at staying organized but it’s even more important when the two adults in our household are working. Life is completely chaotic all the time and it always feels like you are running to… Read More