Free Lunch!

HEY GUYZ, LOOK: A FREE LUNCH! Let’s venture in and see what is inside! As the old adage goes: there is no such thing as a free lunch. Still, that doesn’t stop businesses from offering free lunches –… Read More

Sorry, you’re Canadian

Growing up in Canada is kind of like being the second child: your big brother the USA gets all the cool shit first while you are stuck shuffling along in his shadow hoping you get a turn someday…. Read More

The great skivvy experiment of 2015

That’s right, undies from the internet At Mr. Tucker’s birthday dinner earlier this summer, I ended up having a conversation where I lamented the state of women’s underwear. That’s right kids, it’s like I have a giant sign… Read More

Save time and money with the Gift Repository

This morning we were leisurely having a coffee and reading books when the reality hit me. “OH GOD BEAN, YOU HAVE TO BE AT A BIRTHDAY PARTY IN AN HOUR!” I threw some cereal on the table and… Read More

2-for-20 is more like 4 every couple of days

The idea of 2-for-20 is that anyone can nail out two tasks a day to help organize and improve their lives. So far, I am day 7 of the adventure and things are up and down. The kids… Read More

Are you using all the entitlements and deals available to you?

Many people are deep into tax season right now so they are itemizing and calculating their amounts. As for myself, my taxes were done in March (yes, I am a nerd) but I have thinking about other ways… Read More