If we are FI, why do we continue to save?

Traveling while gimpy (This is the fourth post in a series about being diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis. See “I’m sorry, you have motor neurone disease…”,The financial burden of disability, and Forced FI vs. Choosing FI) One of… Read More

Forced FI vs. choosing FI

I’m a swear-y unicorn so my coworker made me this for my desk (This is the third post in a series about being diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis. See “I’m sorry, you have motor neurone disease…” and The… Read More

The financial burden of disability

Conundrum So following yesterday’s post about my diagnosis, is how this played out financially. After the initial shock of the diagnosis, the reality set in: we had just bought a house, we were renovating a rental condo, and… Read More

“I’m sorry, you have motor neuron disease…”

“…type: Primary Lateral Sclerosis.” My neurologist looked at me sympathetically and I just stared back stunned. I had heard of ALS but PLS didn’t even register as a thing that existed. After I composed myself I asked the… Read More

Back to life, back to reality

Life update: So five weeks into my convalescence and I can finally go back to work and on with my life. My regular doctor wasn’t there but the fellow was and she thinks I can start walking assisted… Read More

Monthly savings update – July edition

Note: Our financial goals for 2017 include saving $18300 to buy back my pensionable years for my defined benefit pension as well as save $50000 which will make us mortgage-free at the beginning of 2018. As I previously… Read More

June savings update & life update

This post should be my budget post, part II. Alas, it isn’t! My apologies but I had to review all our numbers with Mr. Tucker’s new job and since then I have had to revamp my numbers. I… Read More

Managing when you are busy, stressed, and unwell

I have spoken often about what an awful year it has been for my family and I. While we were managing fairly well for a long time, recently we were suddenly not-managing-well at all. With so many balls… Read More

Happy tabula rasa

Tearing down the tree on NYE While I think that January 1st is a rather arbitrary date to choose for a new year but so is every date so why not? Considering January 1st is cold and dark… Read More

They see me rollin’ they be hatin’

Some charitable elves from my book club felt sadness at my spilly mug Strangely, after having neurosurgery AND orthopedic surgery in the spring, just having orthopedic surgery seems like a treat! I ended up having a ridiculous whirlwind… Read More

How being disabled will cost you

Slowly working my way towards becoming the Terminator It’s taken me awhile to come to terms with the fact that I am capital D, disabled. Of course, I shouldn’t be shocked when the reality is that 1 in… Read More