Back to life, back to reality

Life update: So five weeks into my convalescence and I can finally go back to work and on with my life. My regular doctor wasn’t there but the fellow was and she thinks I can start walking assisted… Read More

Are credits and benefits on your FIRE radar?

If you are Canadian and have small children, you probably receive one or more benefits from the government. If you are a family who makes under $220000 a year chances are you are getting some form of the… Read More

In which I master the humble tortilla

I claim victory over tortilla mastery Ok, it’s not rocket surgery but tortillas have eluded me for YEARS. I know that people all over make them every day with little issue but for me it’s been a huge… Read More

The great skivvy experiment of 2015

That’s right, undies from the internet At Mr. Tucker’s birthday dinner earlier this summer, I ended up having a conversation where I lamented the state of women’s underwear. That’s right kids, it’s like I have a giant sign… Read More

Experimenting: Montreal-style Bagels

Don’t you wish your bagels were hot like mine? I experiment a LOT. I am constantly figuring out if there are better ways of doing things than my current methods. Some of those experiments never come to fruition… Read More