Sorry, you’re Canadian

Growing up in Canada is kind of like being the second child: your big brother the USA gets all the cool shit first while you are stuck shuffling along in his shadow hoping you get a turn someday…. Read More

Exit strategy: conversations with my mom

“I wish I had retired later. I find retirement really boring.” My mom said. She was over for her weekly cup of coffee & a visit with the kids and I. Although we keep Sundays as a strictly… Read More

To every season, turn, turn, turn…those goals into reality

Don’t tell anyone but I love all the seasons. I grew up having all four seasons fleetingly spread across the mere 12 months of a year and I still love them all. Sure, sure, I am one of… Read More

(The difficult art of) Digging deep

Snow? Seriously? That’s not really helping, actually. I was fed up before I even left the house today. The first email I received on my work phone at 7:30am infuriated me and left me fuming as I headed… Read More

Feeling stupid can make you smarter

I am a strangely private person for someone who is probably known as the most extroverted person in my group of friends. When I started this blog I kept it on the down-low, choosing not to let friends… Read More

Why I don’t side hustle

Short answer: kids and a husband. Long answer: I know that there is a lot of emphasis on side hustles in the FIRE community and I completely understand that. What is better than retiring early? Retiring even earlier!… Read More

Buying your way to happiness or saving your way to freedom

The best thing about working downtown is all the action. There are museums, great greenspace to enjoy, it’s a great place to people watch, and it’s convenient to run errands during my lunch hour. Conversely, it’s one of… Read More

The incredible heaviness of healing

I am 11 weeks away from when I had back-to-back orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery and landed myself in a wheelchair for 7 weeks. If you ever want an exercise in frustration, I recommend having to have someone help… Read More

The Good Food Box

Behold, the bounty of the GFB! In the summer we are lucky enough to have a CSA drop off right down the street from our house. We get a basket of fresh veggies, eggs, and cheese weekly from… Read More

Online part-time jobs

This morning Get Rich Slowly had a great article about places you can go online to earn extra cash. While I am still more of a fan of the bricks-and-mortor part-time job, these could potentially earn you some… Read More

Ain’t no drama like HVAC drama

Hey, do you have any of these pamphlets in English? Maybe with definitions? If there is one thing that I have no clue about, it’s HVAC anything. I have general knowledge about many things and the rest I… Read More

Everything counts in large amounts

(with apologies to Depeche Mode) Figuring out the cost of appliances in yesterday’s post got me thinking. I know some people looked at that post, their eyes glazed over and they thought, “Pfft, $20 difference a month? Who… Read More

You are not crazy for hanging laundry & other electric tales

One of the things I wanted to get better at managing when I wasn’t working was paying attention to the peak electricity cycles. When I was home full time we were both really good at conserving energy but… Read More

The tide is high and I’m moving on

I really should replace all my blog titles with song titles and/or quotes – especially ones from the 80s. I am sure most of them would be fitting! At any rate, it looks like I may be heading… Read More

Your kids don’t need novelty and neither do you

Hey look everyone, it’s the free in-ground pool! A couple of years ago a friend from primary school posted to facebook that she was off work for a week but didn’t know how to fill the time with… Read More

In which we explore the harrowing world of HVAC and finance

Earlier this spring our old, crumbling heating system decided to die a slow death. Slow because it still works and we’ve been using the AC but it means we do have to replace it. To be honest, I… Read More

Not with a bang*

WELP. As of today the Tucker household is completely debt-free! Strangely, it feels a bit anti-climactic and I joked on FB that I should celebrate by tossing something on the credit card – for old times sake. If… Read More

I’ve been lazy but I have been given a reprise!

So 2-for-20 officially started June 1st because I miscalculated the end of the school year. For some strange reason I thought that the school year ended three days earlier than it does. As it turns out, I had… Read More

Are you using all the entitlements and deals available to you?

Many people are deep into tax season right now so they are itemizing and calculating their amounts. As for myself, my taxes were done in March (yes, I am a nerd) but I have thinking about other ways… Read More

Is enough ever enough? (part I)

My father is retiring this month. Instead of looking forward to the time off after working so hard his whole life, he is panicking. He is panicking because despite a) having his house paid off, b) having low-cost… Read More