You are not crazy for hanging laundry & other electric tales

One of the things I wanted to get better at managing when I wasn’t working was paying attention to the peak electricity cycles. When I was home full time we were both really good at conserving energy but… Read More

2-for-20 is more like 4 every couple of days

The idea of 2-for-20 is that anyone can nail out two tasks a day to help organize and improve their lives. So far, I am day 7 of the adventure and things are up and down. The kids… Read More

I’ve been lazy but I have been given a reprise!

So 2-for-20 officially started June 1st because I miscalculated the end of the school year. For some strange reason I thought that the school year ended three days earlier than it does. As it turns out, I had… Read More


One of the things I found overwhelming was just how much had to be done around the house after the winter. With two full-time jobs, two kids and a plethora of extra-curriculars for all of us, so many… Read More

Switching gears & housekeeping

Last week, my contract for 2014-2015 came to an end, and while I am looking forward to some time off and spending summer with the kids, I always find the transitions difficult. This year is much better than… Read More