Vice UK put out a trailer for a new Adam Curtis film this week. I think this film touches on a lot of thoughts we have on the world around this so it’s definitely worth the watch: Hypernormalism…. Read More

…and if you don’t believe me about failure

Chris Guillebeau says it more succinctly than I did the other day: Winners give up all the time.

Open concept rebellion

A great essay on the mini-rebellions that occur in open-concept spaces: The isolation of modern offices left us with one option: cubicle rebellion. Last year I worked in an open-concept space and the first couple of weeks I… Read More

Is ‘finding your passion’ bunk?

What ‘do what you love’ is terrible advice I will be adding this to my reading list. At the very least it looks like a worthwhile and interesting read.

A great article on the fallacy of “living your passion”

Why ‘Do What You Love’ Is Pernicious Advice: If passion is a job requirement, says the writer Miya Tokumitsu, employees have little room to complain about mistreatment at work.

Early retirement calculator

I came across this Early Retirement Calculator this morning.  It`s a fun tool to play with to see if you could manage to quit working full time sooner rather than later.  While I am a fan of dropping down… Read More