Pizza and a movie night

Dog has the hardest life It was a hectic week. My colleague on our small team of two was away for two days leaving me with holding down the fort as best as possible. Naturally, by the end… Read More

Game changer: make your own bouillon

It’s rare that food things BLOW MY MIND. I have been reducing our food bill for years with a combination of sale purchases, learning new skills, and mostly cooking from scratch. So it’s rare that I consider some… Read More

Thirty-minute ginger-miso soup

Foggy fall mornings waiting for the school bus I know there are a ton of WINTER IS COMING jokes floating on the internet but right now the reality that it *really* is coming is settling in. It’s time… Read More

In which I master the humble tortilla

I claim victory over tortilla mastery Ok, it’s not rocket surgery but tortillas have eluded me for YEARS. I know that people all over make them every day with little issue but for me it’s been a huge… Read More

Faux Pho

I had the misfortune of being super sick two days before the Easter long weekend (I get Friday and Monday off for Easter at my current job). So while it looked like a 6-day weekend, I really spent… Read More