Personal update: changing directions

So this is the entry where I lay out all the ridiculous stuff that has happened this fall. As you know, we were merrily swimming along saving for our goals to buy the house we live in and… Read More

Want to save money? Be more like children

Alright, you’ve probably already tuned out because it’s that kind of inspirational porn that is rampant over social media: all talk, no action. OF COURSE little children are carefree; what’s your point, Tucker? Ok, hear me out, people!… Read More

Savings update – April & May

This spring has been an absolute gong show and for that I apologize. I am still feeling a bit off and work has been hectic so blogging has not been on my radar. We continued to spend a… Read More

Fashion philosophy (or how to be cheap & still look professional)

When I was 24 and had just started my first “corporate” job the women used to ask me why I never wore makeup. I used to laugh it off and say “I have to be making at least… Read More

Layoffs are inevitable, your reaction shouldn’t be

Last week there was a “reorganization” at my work. In two places in the country thousands of jobs have now been affected. Of course, I have to follow the stories, work late, do my job but I am… Read More

To every season, turn, turn, turn…those goals into reality

Don’t tell anyone but I love all the seasons. I grew up having all four seasons fleetingly spread across the mere 12 months of a year and I still love them all. Sure, sure, I am one of… Read More

A tale of three Halloween choices

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! One interesting thing about living in the social media age is you get a window into other people’s choices. I am always particularly fascinated to see the way people entertain themselves because… Read More

How not having to work for money helped me build a career at 40

As I have mentioned before, I ran a small business when my kids were quite small. By the time the Sprout was born though, it was too difficult to try and do that and run a business. I… Read More

Is fresh bread worth it?

The jury is out on the entire convenience appliance thing. I try and stay away from most “convenience” appliances (ask me my opinion on rice makers…go on…it’s definitely colourful) but you will pry my beloved bread maker from… Read More

Bookmark it – The Earth Awaits!

Sometimes I go down a financial blog rabbit hole (much like a wiki-spiral) and end up discovering the coolest new blogs to read. Firstly, lay financial bloggers are my favorite because I love reading about the myriad of… Read More

Sunday morning reads

I finally got around to reading a bunch of articles I had saved on my phone. Some are bigger reads than others, some are on the mark, some are off the mark. It’s just a compilation of money-or-life-related… Read More

Backyard Shenanigans or, How We Saved a Fortune on Landscape DIY

For people who do not enjoy landscaping, we have a ridiculous amount of outdoor space. Our front lawn is huge and our backyard is 30 ft by 50 ft. When our kids were smaller we actually used the… Read More

Cancel the housecleaner (and get your kids to help)

Picture this…Sicily…1913…just kidding. I am channeling the spirit of Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls. Mr. Tucker and I have been binge watching old episodes for the past couple of weeks (read: I am making him watch them with… Read More

Life’s random setbacks

WELL, because 2016 is going to be the year that I suffer greatly and appreciate my support network mightily, here is some news: more surgery. Tuesday. So we meet again Last Monday in physio I hurt my foot… Read More

Buying your way to happiness or saving your way to freedom

The best thing about working downtown is all the action. There are museums, great greenspace to enjoy, it’s a great place to people watch, and it’s convenient to run errands during my lunch hour. Conversely, it’s one of… Read More

“The goal of marriage is not to think alike, but to think together”

(Robert Dodd) Ganked from the internet somewhere Mr. Tucker and I enjoy an extremely compatible marriage. Generally speaking, we are on the same wavelength and that allows us to decisions together with little fuss. Unfortunately, this compatibility can… Read More

Arriverderci, Italia. I’ll wheel myself out…

Our welcoming view of Lake Como Well we are back from two weeks in Italy and even though I was super broken wearing both a neck collar and a cast on my leg, we still managed to see… Read More

I am bad at convalescence and the past 6 months

My life in a nutshell right now On April 8th – four days before I had neurosurgery booked – I slipped on a scarf in our front hall, landing full-weight on my leg. That led to a surgery… Read More

Ikea: Swedish for cheap and awesome

AHOY! Free stuff up ahead Historically, we never ate out much with the kids because it was usually a stressful endeavor where one of us usually had to chase a kid around outside after they had had enough… Read More

Holistic organization

I suppose I have been discussing organization here a lot lately. Since I have transitioned over the past month or so to being at home, a lot of that (non-job-hunt) time has been spent either sorting through all… Read More