Many bags: the lazy organization dream

I’ve spent the past couple of days in Excel to help me plot all the amazing things available to sign up for this summer. I needed a calendar system so that things didn’t overlap. After a few days… Read More

You can can!

Being urban/suburbanites on a shady lot means we don’t do much gardening. If you have lots of space and light to grow things on your property, then canning is probably a worthwhile adventure for you. Still, Mr. Tucker… Read More

Is enough ever enough? (Part II)

How fine are you? Every year near the end of my contracts, I panic. I go through this dramatic internal phase where I believe that no one will hire me again, I’ve just had good luck and that… Read More

Quick meal prep (that isn’t once-a-month-cooking)

I know a lot of frugality and homemaking blogs get a lot of mileage out of the once-a-month cooking (OAMC) trend. In case you haven’t heard of this, it’s where you spend one full day making every meal… Read More