June savings update & life update

This post should be my budget post, part II. Alas, it isn’t! My apologies but I had to review all our numbers with Mr. Tucker’s new job and since then I have had to revamp my numbers. I… Read More

Post-Disney redux

Well, we are back from Disney and despite setbacks (me being wheelchair bound and then catching a righteous flu) we are now settling back into our daily routine. It’s always hard to hit the ground running right after… Read More

It’s a small world after all

We are counting down to our last family trip for awhile: a week at Disney World. Of course, because I love surprises, we aren’t telling the kids until Saturday morning at 6am. Our flight leaves at 9am. I… Read More

School’s out for summer

Summer in Canada – cottage edition If anyone has learned a lesson this year from school, it’s me. Specifically, I have learned to SAVE FOR SUMMER CAMPS (or make arrangements). Historically I have been home during the summer… Read More

Road trippin’

When evil hits the road Given our HVAC woes this year, our ability to travel has been seriously curtailed. Still, we wanted to have a wee trip to visit friends and see new sites so we are off… Read More

The importance of free play

After I posted my last blog post I came across this article Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School. It sums up my philosophy as well as the benefits of a lazy summer where you set the stage… Read More

Summertime, and the living is easy

For many years we used to spend two weeks in the summer heading to Maine. We had a great, inexpensive place mere blocks from the beach and we loved the fresh sea air & the time away. The… Read More