Faux Pho


I had the misfortune of being super sick two days before the Easter long weekend (I get Friday and Monday off for Easter at my current job). So while it looked like a 6-day weekend, I really spent most of it in bed, feverish. My poor husband had to pick up the slack and manage work and all the household stuff by himself.

Friday nights in our house are what I call Faux Pho* and a movie night. After a long, hectic week of us all rushing around to our various destinations: school, work, daycare, aftercare, we all need a night to just relax and hang out. Friday has become the default night and so Mr. Tucker will whip up a pot of broth while I am at work and when I get home I will lay out all the ingredients in little bowls on the dining room table so each person can personalize their bowl. The kids really enjoy it because they get to build their own soup before we ladle some hot broth on from the stove. It’s a fresh, nourishing way to start the weekend.

In all honesty, I use the cheaters method of making Pho because I don’t have time to make a true soup. I use the Vietnamese soup in a teapot recipe from Laurie David’s Family Dinner book. The only thing we really change about the recipe is that instead of cooking the chicken in the soup, I bake it in the oven and slice it thinly. Beef also works well, and making a vegetarian version I feel would also be just as delicious with a few tweaks.

After dinner the kids have a warm bath, settle into their jammies and then help me pop popcorn in our 80s air popper. With our individual bowls of popcorn (we get seasoning from the bulk store & everyone enjoys a different flavour) we settle onto the couch for movie. It is the one night we earmark for family hangouts where the kids get the thrill of staying up late. It’s truly a nice, relaxing way to start off the weekend, especially since weekends can sometimes be equally as busy as weekdays.


After being sick for two days straight, a hot bowl of spicy and tangy soup was exactly what the doctor ordered.  It was an especially welcome dinner on Friday night.

*It’s actually pronounced like “fa” or “feu,” as it stems from the French pot-au-feu.