WELP I realize my plan to write twice a week has been thwarted by a recent addiction to both Letterkenny and Sherlock but since I’ve nailed those both out, it looks like I am back in the blogging game.

Our goals are still on track despite the fact that we’ve eaten out a lot more lately due to sheer laziness desire AND too much beer has also been purchased BUT we have had unforeseen bonuses which has us on track to have almost $9300 in the bank by the end of February. Not bad.

My term at work has been extended for another year, which means most definitively – even if I never get extended again – I will walk away with 5.5 years of pensionable service in 2018. Of course, this depends on me buying back those years come November but that is the goal and I plan to reach it.

In other news, if you have not signed up for the Rockstar Finance forums yet, PITTER PATTER! I will be modding the Great White North Club over there so feel free to pop in, ask your Canadia-related questions and join in the conversation.

Still, Mr. Tucker and I are heading out for a DATE NIGHT this week – which we never do. It’s Trivia Night at the stepson/SIL’s workplace and my brother wants to go. As I always say: other families have Festivus for the airing of grievances but Little bother Tucker and I have TRIVIA. We are both fiercely competitive about which one of us is the smarter sibling and usually Christmas rounds of Trivial Pursuit end in harsh words being spoken. We’ll be on the same team this week though, so I pity the competition. The next day we’re all heading to the fancy cinema to nurse our hangovers with the new John Wick movie and pitchers of Caesars.


Have a great week, kids