I am not an early riser & dealing with setbacks – life update


WELP, week one in Resolutionville was a complete fail. I shouldn’t say complete – I got up earlier than usual, but I am not closer to reaching my goal. I know it’s about the baby steps and any move in the right direction is better than nothing but it’s hard to not be disheartened. But hey, if I was good at it, it wouldn’t be a resolution, would it?

Monday will be back to our regularly scheduled programming and I will aim to close the gap between the time I want to wake up and the time I have been waking up. I am pushing myself forward and have no plans to give up just because the first week wasn’t the perfect week I had envisioned. Life changes are a marathon, not a sprint.

Both Mr. Tucker and I worked over the holidays and the kids were off school & cooped up inside. We had planned to have them in the YMCA holiday camp but they shut down due to low enrolment. Sheesh! Since I was the only one on my team working over the holidays it was super busy and so when both Mr. Tucker and I had to work at home due to bad weather AND the kids were chomping at the bit, it was – to put it mildly – absolutely exhausting. I ‘d really prefer to never be on a conference call again while an 8-yr-old skates up and down the hall in her new rollerskates. #lifegoals and all that. I mean sure, we saved a couple of hundred dollars so not all is lost, it was just done at the expense of all of our cortisol levels!

The kids building cities out of LEGO and listening to Mozart (hey man, I don’t know either)

Like most things though, we did get through it. Also, despite the chaos of it all, we didn’t eat out or succumb to any extra entertainment expenses, which I will say is a win. I suppose had I been more mobile I may have eaten a lunch out (or two) but not being able to walk any distance means I have to bring everything with me. I wouldn’t call it a boon of having a bum leg but not getting out in order to spend money is definitely one of the ways that a lack of mobility has an unseen benefit.

Today the house was cleaned, more beer was bottled, yeast for wine pitched. The entertainment portion of our budget is taking a bit of a hit this weekend as we pre-pay for these things but over time it will even out. The great thing about being debt free & having the ability to save such a huge portion of our paychecks (thanks budget!) is that we can borrow money from ourselves rather than from THE MAN at a ridiculous interest rate. So our savings will be a bit lower but it will even out over the next couple of months as we spend less on entertainment.

One of the random wildcards I was thrown this week though was that we may have to buy the house sooner rather than later. It looks like this may happen 2-3 months earlier than anticipated, and I need to sit down and fiddle with the numbers to see what this means. At best, we can manage it. At worst, it screws the entire plan. We could leverage the RRSP Home Buyers Plan but of course, we really prefer not to. There are options but I have to work out the scenarios. Life is full of things that can blindside you so I think it’s important to be flexible enough to change directions when hit with a roadblock. I’ll probably write about it once I nail it out but right now my brain is having a “RUN ALL THE NUMBERS!” Still, we will be mortgage free and own a home in the end so I am trying not to panic.

We did manage to get some quality time in, and I keep settling the CRAP out of Catan…so

Other than that, Mr. Tucker and the kids start skiing tomorrow – my second year of missing our family winter activity due to health issues. On one hand: bummer for me. On the other hand: I GET THE HOUSE TO MYSELF! Having a spouse who works from home full time means that I almost never, evah get a moment to myself, alone. For example, in a surprising move, the kids went over to my dad’s place a few weekends ago. I was so thrilled that I put on a fire, made a pot of tea, sat in my wingback chair and was JUST about to put my feet up and get some reading in when I hear, “WEEDLY WOOOOO, BOM, BOM, BOM” as Mr. Tucker decided to unleash his bass guitar. REALLY? REALLY? As much as I love living in our cozy 1200 sq foot space there are tradeoffs, and those tradeoffs are closely linked to my sanity.

So tomorrow there will be books and tea and a cozy fire! I also will do an hour’s worth of meal prep to make this week easier for us all, but with the house cleaning done I can still squeeze in at least a little time for myself.

Monday: I meet with the surgeon so they can reconstruct my ankle. We are going to be at almost a year since I fell and wrecked everything. In case I haven’t said it enough: plan for disability! I was a healthy 40-year-old woman so it can happen to anyone and it is expensive! Of course, if you are looking to test the strength of your marriage…by all means…

So how are everyone’s resolutions doing? Any setbacks? Unforeseen circumstances? I hope to hear everyone is pressing on as they OM SHANTI OM their way through the mantra “the perfect is the enemy of the good!”