I hate this so much


My bank recently sent me some snail mail because I was “PRE-APPROVED FOR A $10000 LINE OF CREDIT!” I have no use for more credit so I just pitched the letter.

Of course, I log into my bank account today and like most people I am used to going through the motions as a habit. So of course from the main page I have to choose to go to online banking:

I mindlessly click through to get to the login page:

Then often after that they have some sort of add for interest rates or RRSPs or any one of the other products they want their clients to be interested in. That’s not a big deal, I am used to those. Of course, I just give it a cursory glance as the house is pretty crazy right now with the kids running around and Mr. Tucker trying to get food on the table so naturally I go to click through…

…and I almost click the accept button. Why? Because my brain is conditioned to think that this is the button I use to get to the next page.

Luckily, I had a moment to think before I realized what I was about to do or else I would have accepted the line of credit (and probably the ensuing hit on my credit report). That makes me SO LIVID! It’s such a cheap, clickbait-y way for the banks to get clients to accept more products. Yes, yes, I know we all have a responsibility to read and be informed but the reality is that they are banking (no pun intended) on the habits of customers or else they wouldn’t do that. It’s super shifty, and is a sucky business practice.