In which we explore the harrowing world of HVAC and finance


Earlier this spring our old, crumbling heating system decided to die a slow death. Slow because it still works and we’ve been using the AC but it means we do have to replace it. To be honest, I know almost nothing about HVAC systems and so armed with minimal information from the internet I sought out – and received – quotes from three local installers.

The good news is that all three quotes are basically in the same range and the systems are comparable. The bad news is that that range is $2k-$4k more than I thought I would have to pay! Brutal.

So now I am sifting through the quotes and trying to nail down a budget to have it paid off in six months. One company offers a 36 month no interest plan but I would have to apply for a store card and that would mean a hit on my credit. For a family that is hoping to get a mortgage in the next couple of years, I don’t want to risk it with applying for new credit only to save $370 if that means I won’t get as good of an interest rate on something as large as a house purchase.

Speaking of finance, I did want to sit down with a financial advisor from another bank but when I looked into it, the index funds I’d like to purchase from that bank can only be purchased online. So now I have to explore the other options such as Questrade and Vanguard. To be fair, I had been a little lazy about looking into those companies and now it’s forcing me to investigate, which is the little kick I may need to jumpstart a better financial plan. So now I am spending a bunch of time reading up on the options.

Only one more week until the kids are out of school! I’m slowly getting through my 2-for-20 list and applying for work. Slowly but surely but first, HVAC decision!