Inspiring video drops


So convalescing is taking more out of me than I think I would like to admit. So writing is on the back burner for now. Still, over the past two days I have watched two great videos I’d like to share that may give you some encouragement.

First, Peter Dinklage giving a talk on what led him to his current fame and the steps and thoughts that brough him there:

Secondly, I heard about Penny Rimbaud (one of the founders of the punk band CRASS) and how he and Gee Vaucher rented a tumbledown house in London. They kept an open-door policy and soon people had come and renovated the space & the gardens with fruit trees, vegetables and flowers with various outbuildings built as well. People came an exchanged their labour & created an oasis in the process. They keep their lives very simple to be able to concentrate on art. When asked, Rimbaud said, “I don’t think I have every paid tax. How much do you need to earn? £5000 a year? I don’t earn anything like that.”