I’ve been lazy but I have been given a reprise!


So 2-for-20 officially started June 1st because I miscalculated the end of the school year.

For some strange reason I thought that the school year ended three days earlier than it does. As it turns out, I had the secondary school calendar pinned to the cabinet, not the elementary. It kind of begs the question as to how I am only figuring it out now, though.

Still, even though I haven’t accomplished tons (I have yet to see the inside of the gym, oops!) I have still ahead by one day, which is good considering there are two PD days coming up & I will have to double-down. I was hoping to be ahead by now but what can you do.

1. Budgety: Mr. Tucker and I sat down and figured out a new budget to carry us through until the end of the year and beyond. We’ve plotted an incredibly optimistic budget based on a high savings rate and have decided to scale our discretionary spending WAY down based on just the one salary. Hopefully I will head back to work in the fall and then we can just add that salary to the pile.

2. Volunteer: Since I am often working for most of the school year I don’t get the chance to head into the kids’ school and help out. They ask us a lot and Mr. Tucker will often take a day off and go but I don’t want to lose the money. Luckily, most of my contracts end in May so I have now been able to volunteer twice at school.

3. Blog: The old blog style was driving me nuts and I wanted something more intuitive so I spent the morning doing that. It’s looking much better and is so much easier to navigate.

4. & 5.Hooky days: One of my goals for when I was off work was to allow each of the children to have one day alone with me doing whatever they wanted to do. They both chose lunch at Ikea and an afternoon at a kid’s entertainment centre. I managed to come out relatively unscathed financially and we got to bond, so I am glad we did this.

On the list for the rest of the week:

Cleaning out the winter gear
Bringing out the summer stuff
Cleaning the front porch
Making BBQ sauce for the year
Clean the fireplace
Wash & air dry the duvets
The unending piles of laundry I thought were done


So right now I have accomplished 6/40 things I plan to do. Not bad! I am about to bike over to the library to pick up some holds and then I am right back to it (I am looking at you, laundry).