June savings update & life update


This post should be my budget post, part II. Alas, it isn’t! My apologies but I had to review all our numbers with Mr. Tucker’s new job and since then I have had to revamp my numbers. I am waiting for his next pay period to solidify the numbers and then I will be able to give concrete percentages of where we allocate money.

Since I last posted, we had our week-long vacation at a rented cottage with some friends. For the past couple of years some neighbourhood families have rented cottages all together for a week so our kids can enjoy a typical Canadian adventure: swimming, catching frogs/fish, and enjoying hikes and campfires. Now that the kids are older the adults can relax a bit and enjoy some much-needed respite. All told, it was a great week – and definitely not long enough – I am sure I will have some follow-up comments on that.

I will get to the good stuff though: our June numbers. This month Mr. Tucker had some shares from a previous employer that were sold for various reasons. This added to our kitty nicely as you can see below.

With Mr. Tucker’s new pay structure I actually had to take my third pay in May and organize our finances so we are ahead. Let me explain. At Mr. Tucker’s previous job he got paid twice a month on the 15th and the 30th so I organized our bills into two “mini budgets” twice a month to reflect what bills we paid with what paycheck. In order to keep with this schedule (which works well) I just needed to organize it so that my first pay fell before the 15th as I am paid bi-weekly. So taking my “extra” pay in May to start to get ahead of the game made sense when we are now living entirely off of one salary. So we are always a little bit ahead.

Our plan going forward is to bank all of Mr. Tucker’s salary in a 60/40 split between house/pension savings and his RRSPs, respectively. That will help us save the money we need and reduce our taxes significantly.

In other news, tomorrow is my surgery. I am supposed to be off work for a fairly long time but I only have a certain amount of time banked that I can use. Let’s hope they meet up! I am incredibly grateful that I work a job with a> supportive upper management, and b> a good benefits package. Even still, there will be some expenses that will have to be paid for out of pocket. We have some savings and while my benefits are good, I have discovered that they don’t cover a lot of things disabled people require, which was an eye opener.

I hope my convalescence will encourage me to write more blog posts! I swear I have a ton of subjects in a note on my phone I just never have time to write about them!

At any rate, Mr. Tucker is whipping up a special dinner (which I am trying not to equate to the Last Supper) of all the things I enjoy. I am hopeful this will be my last medical adventure for the foreseeable future. Wish me luck!