Life and goal update – March 2017


Better late than never as the old adage goes! March came in like a lion and went out…like a lion. We had our last snow on the 31st, which is fairly late even for our northern clime. Luckily, spring is finally here and so as nature crawls out from beneath the snow, I feel like I should crawl out again, too. So apologies for my lack of updates but hopefully I will get better now that the sun is shining.

In my last post I casually mentioned that I was working on a few things to help my overall health both mentally and physically. I am happy to say that I did manage to find an amazing physiotherapist and I am now going twice a week to work on my movement issues. I am doing much, much better since starting this routine and while I am behind on my at-home exercises, I am still progressing well. I have been lax on the writing but I have started to make a dent in my reading list which gives me a good mental boost.

I haven’t been as great with the food – both cooking and eating – and while I am still getting a good amount of vegetables I am not eating as well as I would like. I need to reduce the easy-to-grab carbs and up the lean protein. We have also been eating out way too often and I’ve purchased lunch thrice last month, which is rare. All this comes down to being better at food prep and so today I will be working on getting our meal plan done so that weekday meals will be easier to manage. I’ll let you know how it goes but generally speaking I know if I pre-prep most things on the weekend, it ensures we eat well & don’t eat out. It’s the busiest season at work and it’s much easier right now to throw in the towel so I need to use as many tools in my arsenal to make sure I stay on track.

I met with my ortho Doc this week and as I suspected, I will need the ankle reconstruction. There are a myriad of fun problems happening in there but nothing is a major emergency so he said I could wait a few months before booking. This is a good thing because this means I can do paddle in the Dragonboat Festival in June as well as be mobile for our week at the cottage in July. His admin assistant will call me with a surgery date after the 9th of July, as per my request, which is amazing. Don’t get me wrong: I am still not thrilled to be out of commission for 6 weeks but at least I won’t miss the highlights of my summer.

Finally, we are still kicking butt in our savings goal so that we can be mortgage free by the end of the year. In fact – and I don’t want to get ahead of myself here – the beginning of April marked some huge things in our savings goals. Still, sticking with March’s update, here is our thermometer:

That’s a 28% increase to our savings in one month. Not bad! I am 19% of the way there. Of course, every month won’t be like this but hey, let’s take our victories where we can.

Although we are halfway through April, I have a few things I want to take care of:

– The other day Sprout said to me, “Mama, you know what? We haven’t been to a dentist in awhile.” Ugh, cue the guilt! She is absolutely right. Since our old dentist passed away I have been pretty lax about finding a new one. A neighbour recommended a new dentist nearby and I need to call and make an appointment. Considering I have benefits that will pay for preventative dentistry it is silly not to go a couple of times a year to get our checkups and cleanings. So my “spring cleaning” list will be to book dental cleanings for the whole family.

– I need to do more cardio. I really want to bike outside but until my balance is better I should stick to the indoor exercise bike. I should be doing at least ½ hour a day of cardio to just get my respiratory system going after a year of sedentary behaviour (half a year in a wheelchair and the other half on crutches will do that). My plan is to bait myself with Netflix shows on the iPad because I find stationary cardio ridiculously boring.

So that wraps up the March update! With better weather on the horizon I hope that it will continue to improve my mood and with it give me the energy to improve my physical health as well.