Life’s random setbacks


WELL, because 2016 is going to be the year that I suffer greatly and appreciate my support network mightily, here is some news: more surgery. Tuesday.

So we meet again

Last Monday in physio I hurt my foot and assumed that the broken screws were causing issues, as they sometimes do. When I last saw my orthopedic doctor we knew the screws in my foot were broken and I could have had them taken out earlier. However, they weren’t bugging me and so we agreed to revisit taking them out in the fall. I felt that I had already taken quite a bit of time off work as it was, so I figured we could push it off. Well after the pain I experienced on Monday I managed to get myself a last minute appointment where it was discovered that it was more than the screws and that they had to go back in for another surgery. It was super quick, the timeline being:

Thursday: appointment
Friday: call with surgery date
Tuesday: surgery (Monday being a holiday, after all)

So naturally, it was a whirlwind of having to make arrangements for a myriad of things. My boss was on vacation, so I had to send him an email. My kids start school on Tuesday and since I won’t know until Monday night what time I have go in (yay long weekend!), I had to make arrangements to have my mom stay over just in case. Mr. Tucker and I have to prep for being down an adult in the household, and currently the entire family is working on cleaning the house and getting ready for the school year.

The timing is pretty bad, but I guess when is it a good time to be an invalid?

Suffice it to say I am rather crushed and I would be lying if I said I didn’t randomly burst into tears every time it gets brought up. I will be in a wheelchair for 6 weeks, AGAIN and of course the family has a Disney trip planned at the end of the month. I would be full-on engaging in self-pity all day long if there wasn’t a ton of stuff that needed to be taken care of.

I have no intention of taking 6 weeks off work, despite what my doctor’s note says. One does not social media with ones’ ankles, so Mr. Tucker and I have a plan for him to drive me to work. I figure I will be off one week, go back to work a week, and then take off on vacation for one week. On a positive note, the happiest place on earth is also the place that is the most wheelchair accessible. I won’t be able to do everything, but the kids and Mr. Tucker will, so that is what is important. So thank goodness for small miracles, as it were. Once I am back, I only have another 3 weeks of being in a chair, so at least it’s broken up a bit (much like me, BADDABUMP!).

On a positive note, we still have the ramp that Mr. Tucker built with the help of a friend, it ISN’T winter, I will be an old hand at wheeling myself around, and we have our emergency fund built up enough to cover parking at the hospital, the initial outlay for the assistance devices (and payment for the ones that aren’t covered), and extra gas for the car now that I can’t bus anymore. I can also work from home if need be, so that is a plus.

My only wish right now – I mean, given my circumstances – would to be more mobile this weekend to help the family out more. We did manage to get the house clean today, and we are having a family BBQ tonight so we have to prep for that, but I can’t stand very long, which means Mr. Tucker & the kids have to take on more of the work. Tomorrow our goal is to prep the front vestibule for fall (out with the summer, in with the cold weather gear), finish all the laundry, and get some food prep done to simplify our week this week. Since I have to sit down a lot, I have to plan for extra time to get everything done, or do as many tasks as possible from a seated position.

However, today instead of hyper-focusing on the worst, I will prep for our end-of-summer BBQ with family. It will be nice to have the family come over and enjoy our newly-redone backyard (Mr. Tucker’s summer project, which I will surely blog about soon). I won’t worry about the money or the time or the energy it will take to convalesce over the next six weeks, instead I will be grateful for the relationships we have cultivated as it has given us the unwavering support of our family and friends when we need it most. I will also be grateful for my good job and my awesome boss – Mr. Tucker’s as well. Our jobs have allowed us to save up an emergency fund, as well as provide our family with good benefits, and comprehensive care for when we are sick (sick days, and long term/short term disability). I am grateful that for all the years I could have had this happen, it happened during a year where I had amazing coverage. So in light of that, happy labour day weekend, indeed.