Monthly savings update – July edition


Note: Our financial goals for 2017 include saving $18300 to buy back my pensionable years for my defined benefit pension as well as save $50000 which will make us mortgage-free at the beginning of 2018.

As I previously mentioned, I had yet another surgery which brings me to a total of four surgeries in a little over a year. Go hard or go home, I suppose. Mr. Tucker accuses me of really overworking the “in sickness and in health” clause of our marriage contract. So given this, I have been convalescing at home for the past three weeks – apologies to my facebook friends for being more prolific than usual as I am ridiculously bored and spend way more time on my phone than is healthy. Also, despite some planning on our part, we have also outlaid a ridiculous amount of cash, as with with any medical adventure. Que sera sera.

Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Our July savings:

Check out that bad boy! In the esteemed words of Bon Jovi:

Except I don’t believe prayer is going to help much if you aren’t laying down mad cash in that savings account. It reminds me of this joke I heard once: a woman was in financial crisis so every night she would pray to god, “Please god, let me win the lottery!” The day of the lottery came and went and she didn’t win. So the next week she prayed every night, “please god, let me win the lottery!” The lottery day came and went and again she didn’t win. The third week unfolded in the same way and when she didn’t win she got down on her hands and knees and screamed into the heavens, “Why god? Why have you forsaken me? I have begged you to let me win the lottery for weeks and you haven’t answered my prayer!” Suddenly, the skies open up, angels are singing and a bright light shines down. A booming voice comes down from the heavens, “LADY, I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU! COULD YOU AT LEAST BUY A LOTTERY TICKET?” Moral: put your back into it, people.

What is interesting about surpassing the halfway mark of our goal is that it occurred to me that another milestone has been reached. When I looked at July’s numbers I realized that it matches up with our yearly expenses. In other words: we are sitting on a year’s worth of expenses for the family on our basic budget: the ability to buy a year of non-work. Obviously, we have other goals at this point – the house and the pension – but it’s amazing to think that we can buy a year’s worth of non-work. So for every year we work and save at this rate means that we can buy ourselves two years of non-work.

Of course, this year hasn’t been typical but no year really will be. Sure, Mr. Tucker got a bit of a windfall from a sale of stocks but we also had larger medical expenses this year. He started a new job that pays more but for this summer at least we had to put the kids in camps – which we hadn’t planned – because of my surgery & his new position. We’re rolling with the punches and still saved almost 40k in six months. That is pretty impressive!

My goal for August is to heal up and to get back to work as soon as I can. I may be in a wheelchair for a while but if I can get my butt working again life can return to some semblance of normality. Still, it’s great to know that at least we are on track with our goals.

For looooooooooove…If I have to live with this ear worm, so do you