Not with a bang*


WELP. As of today the Tucker household is completely debt-free! Strangely, it feels a bit anti-climactic and I joked on FB that I should celebrate by tossing something on the credit card – for old times sake.

If I am to be completely honest, we had a super spendy year. This was all because of the following: some leftover debt from our month spent in Puerto Rico, a Disney trip (my mother offered to pay half so I took the girls and Mr. Tucker stayed home), we took up skiing (and Mr. Tucker and I bought skis), and more activities for the girls this year (Sparks, harp lessons). However, I did manage to get a well-paying job and so even with those over-the-top expenses (and paying for parking at work) we still managed to get our $17000 total debt down to zero in less than 8 months. No small feat, that.

I have always been pretty frugal so this year was a bit of anomaly. Having experienced it, I am not tempted to run up the debt again! Still, we did keep up with savings while we were paying stuff off so it wasn’t too much of a loss but still TSK TSK TSK in my general direction. I have learned my lesson and have no plans to go there again.

I was kind of hoping for great fanfare – or at least a parade – but the debt has gone out with a whimper. On that back of that, Mr. Tucker and I have a fairly comprehensive budget we have put together that sees us planning for almost everything – including emergencies and the next month-long sabbatical – so it’s nice to be able to start all that with a clean slate & THAT feels really good.

* with apologies to T.S Eliot