Savings update – April & May


This spring has been an absolute gong show and for that I apologize. I am still feeling a bit off and work has been hectic so blogging has not been on my radar. We continued to spend a lot more money than necessary in April but thankfully while it’s slowed down our savings rate we are still on track and things are still looking good.


As I discussed in my last post, Mr. Tucker’s company was acquired and so they had to clean everything up before they transferred it over to the new owners. SURPRISE: Mr. Tucker had vacation that they paid out. Now, a couple of years ago the company moved to one of those Silicon Valley take-as-much-vacation-as-you-want models which meant his previous accrual just sat there. We didn’t even know he really had it until they sent him an email telling him they were paying it out. WOO HOO: straight into savings for you!


Technically, today is the last day of May but I know that despite the fact it was a three-paycheck month, we didn’t save as much.

Firstly, we had to outlay for summer camps. Our goal to use a variety of vacation strategies has fallen through due to my surgery and another new thing that I will discuss in my next post. So we ended up scrambling to cover childcare. Now, luckily for us the kids love the local YMCA neighbourhood camps so despite the fact we offered to pay for a more expensive option for a couple of weeks, they chose the least-expensive option. So that worked out.

Secondly, we continued to overspend due to chaotic work schedules and health issues. My physio isn’t covered for this month due to the way my benefits work, so that was also pricey. We also ate out more because Mr. Tucker had to do a lot more work this month. I will 100% admit we could have done better here.

Thirdly…is a topic for a later post.

I will say: because our ducks were all lined up we didn’t accumulate debt and were still able to save, just not at a rate that I would have liked.

So that is where we are at right now! I need to buy my pension by November of this year but it looks like we won’t have to outlay for the house before February 2018, which gives us even more time to save. So even though it’s not been perfect I am happy with the way things are going right now.