Summertime, and the living is easy


Enjoying a relaxing day at a friend's pool

For many years we used to spend two weeks in the summer heading to Maine. We had a great, inexpensive place mere blocks from the beach and we loved the fresh sea air & the time away.

The last time we went though, the landlords had taken us for granted as customers. When we politely informed them the first day that the internet wasn’t working we got nothing but crickets for the rest of our time there. Previously, we had informed them that the internet was a dealbreaker for us because we didn’t want to use up all our data plans.

That year it also poured rain for the majority of the week leaving us stuck inside with a toddler and a preschooler and nothing to entertain them with. After that experience (and the exorbitant international data roaming costs) we decided that it was a little silly to spend all that money to head to the east coast when by comparison all-inclusive Caribbean deals were bottoming-out right before hurricane season. Besides, being from the Great White North meant that it was much nicer to GTFO in February rather than travel during the only warm time of year.

“This is ridiculous,” I said to Mr. Tucker.
“Agreed,” he replied.

& the Tuckers never took another summer vacation again.

Since then we have decided than instead of traveling during the summer we stay put and enjoy all our city has to offer. Summer is such a short season here and there is so much to do that it seems kind of weird to spend a fortune renting a cottage somewhere when we live a 5 km bike ride – in either direction – to two beaches.

There are also enough lakes, museums, galleries and other interesting things that put on summer-themed programming all within the city or an hour or two out of the city, if you crave a change of scenery. Even in our wee neighbourhood there is a plethora of kids who hang out at the wading pool all day. In fact, our go-to most years is to take a picnic and spend a full day at the park with our friends.

Outdoor swimming lessons at a city-run pool.  Inexpensive, super fun!

With cottages a decent driving distance from us going for $1200-$1500 a week or more but with less amenities and are more work than anyone wants to admit, I am not interested. It would almost make more sense to drive to NYC in November and spend the money on a cruise when they bottom out at $400 a head, if that’s your thing. At least you won’t be washing dishes and cooking the whole week.

Who doesn’t have great memories of riding bikes, eating popsicles and swimming in the pools, lakes or oceans of our childhoods? There is something relaxing about having the summer laid out before you when you are a kid. Not having to have to go to school or go to bed early. From sun up and sun down just running around with our friends adventuring.

In the end, we have all this outdoor space in the summer that we don’t even see or use for 5 months of the year so I would rather stay put and use it. There is nothing better than hosting BBQs with friends, playing outside with the kids, or creating a garden. I honestly want to enjoy the space around me whether it be my backyard or the greenspace around the city. It seems kind of silly to me to make plans to vacate from it when it’s the only time of year you can really enjoy it at its best.

So unless I get the opportunity to, say, spend a summer in Europe or something equally different, you will find me right here at home, enjoying the amenities that surround us.