They see me rollin’ they be hatin’


Some charitable elves from my book club felt sadness at my spilly mug

Strangely, after having neurosurgery AND orthopedic surgery in the spring, just having orthopedic surgery seems like a treat! I ended up having a ridiculous whirlwind of an experience that included messed-up surgery locations, a 24-hour wait before getting my surgery postponed, and an overnight stay in the hospital. Still, I was well taken care of and I came out of the OR feeling pretty ok given the circumstances.

Of course now the real trial begins as I learn to live in a wheelchair again. I am sad all the work I had put into physiotherapy will regress but I am trying to stay positive in the knowledge I can get it back. So now I forge ahead trying to make sure I have everything arranged for our Disney trip. It’s still amazing to me that in 2016 airline customer service still panics at the idea of disabled travellers. Luckily, their medical line was a little more informed and I seem to have that ironed out (knock on wood?).

I am still having challenges with Disney who want to charge me $1000 for an accessible room because it apparently has a view. Seriously, I don’t care if it is a broom closet as long as I can shower in dignity. I don’t give a crap about a view! The travel agent assisting us is still working on it but if worse comes to worse, we will deal with it when we get there. I don’t know what is so hard about getting a bench in the shower & a removable showerhead (that would take care of 50% of clients with mobility issues) but it is what it is.

Like I mentioned before, I fully intend to work starting next week. I feel pretty good right now but I did tell my boss I would let him know if I didn’t feel well. He’s really concerned I will push myself (what? Me? Type A?) I know he’d rather see me home and convalescing but as it is, I am feeling good and I am so grateful to be working half days in the office and half at home. I much prefer using my brain and being useful rather than sitting around. Now that the pain is subsiding, I should be good to go.

Despite this year being the most challenging I have ever faced, I couldn’t have gone it alone. From Mr. Tucker’s unwavering support and hard work keeping the family organized and functional, to my family’s assistance with childcare, I am so lucky to be surrounded by such love and help. My community is also right behind me, with my amazing friends helping with everything from playdates to building me a ramp to my phenomenal book club nerds dropping this off today:

A new travel mug! Warm un-spilled coffee for all! (Don’t know what I’ll put on my Xmas list now though)

Not having to really go alone through this experience is what has made it bearable. While no one wants to rely on others, it’s comforting to know you have people you can rely on. So mad thanks to everyone in my community who have gone out of their way to make sure that Mr. Tucker and I know we have people to lean on. Your continued friendship is worth its weight in gold and I am grateful for your love and support.

Nurture your community, it’s the greatest investment you will ever make.

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