Transitioning back into a two-job family


Well that was surprising – they offered me the job. Of course, I have yet to sign the piece of paper so until I do I will be wary but barring any HR issues, I will be heading back to work within (in?) a month. So of course I am in full prep mode, especially since it coincides with the holiday season.

I am heading back to work right before Christmas. Mr. Tucker is making arrangements at work so that he can take an hour off of work to get the kids off the bus & help them with their music practice and their homework before I get home. When I get home, we will eat dinner & hang with the kids, and then when they are in bed he will work an extra hour at night (his company is on PST and we are on EST). We are really lucky he works from home and has the option to take an hour off in the middle of the day otherwise we would have to pay $40 a day in childcare. So this way the kids stay out of care, we save money, and it reduces the amount we have to run back-and-forth to pick up the kids.

Some prep stuff on my plate right now:

  • Putting together a list of crockpot meals or meals made in less than ½ hour*
  • Baking & freezing muffins, cookies & other baked goods for lunches
  • Getting all the patching/sewing done**
  • Drag out the PWP and make sure it’s well-stocked and organized for my next contract.
  • Bring all my work clothes to the front of my wardrobe (bye yoga pants!) and make sure they are all clean, mended, and ready to go.
  • Inventory all the food in the freezers to make sure we eat the oldest stuff, first. The key to food organization is to replenish the pantry, not buy things last minute.
  • Clean the cupboards and the fridge so that we know what we have, and so the oldest stuff can be brought to the front to be eaten first.
  • Go through kid’s clothes; get rid of things that won’t last another season. Donate or give these things away.
  • Send out the invitations for the cookie decorating party & start prep for that event
  • Finish up the Christmas shopping

*and a husssshhhh filled the room*

I know, I know: I have already been berated by a friend for doing the majority of my Christmas shopping already but I absolutely hate shopping in December. Since it’s historically been a crazy month for us, I like to get almost all of the shopping out of the way so we can just relax and enjoy the Christmas season. It’s never helped 100% and the season is still busy but it is a lot more manageable and enjoyable when all the busy things are parties and events with friends and family.

Still, while organization won’t completely alleviate the challenges of working full-time over the next half year, it certainly helps. At the very least, stocking up on baked goods helps make the morning lunch routine faster!

*This is an extremely limited list as there is only so much boiled food I can handle.
** I seriously hate the utilitarian mending to patch jeans, sew up holes in clothes etc. but I will be damned if I pay someone $8.00 to hem pants.